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Breast lifts, Breast implants and Breast reduction
surgery at Breast Enlargement Australia.

Your decision to undergo breast augmentation is not only a medical
decision, it is a personal one.
The perception we have of ourselves defines who we are and how we
introduce ourselves to the world.
Breast Enlargement Australia can help you through this process.
In many cases our breasts are rarely the size or shape that we desire.
They may be, too small, too big, uncomfortable because they are too
heavy or...losing their shape or changing size due to child birth.

Our surgeons understand your needs and concerns, they are two of
the most experienced practitioners in Cosmetic Surgery, with more
than 60 years combined experience.
Dr Fox has been performing cosmetic surgery for over 25 years and
during that time has been at the forefront of introducing innovative
cosmetic surgery procedures to Australia. Dr Fox was initially trained
by the international pioneers of the procedures that he performs.
Plastic surgeons, other cosmetic surgeons and general practitioners all
refer patients to him and his own patients also refer their
friends and relatives.
Dr Fox and his assisting doctor, Dr Les Blackstock, who also has more
than 15 years of cosmetic surgery experience are committed to providing safe, effective and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery techniques.
Our other senior surgeon Dr Robert Reed is highly experienced with national and international experience and more than 20 years of
performing breast surgery.
Breast Enlargement Australia. 55 Claremont Street South Yarra 3141 Melbourne Victoria Australia.
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